Cash Grain

At the James B. Joiner Company we are recognized worldwide as the leading broker of oats. For over 30 years the Joiner Company has handled the majority of Canadian oat exports, while also brokering Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Australian, and Argentinean oats to the U.S. and other destinations. Our goals are to constantly expand existing business while creating new markets for your products. Our extensive experience and contacts will assist you in finding markets for your agricultural products around the world.

Agricultural Freight

The James B. Joiner Company is also a leading broker of secondary market rail freight throughout North America. We supply our customers with access to covered hopper cars on the BNSF, the UPRR, and the CP railroad’s. Whether you are looking for Single Cars, Unit Trains, or Shuttles, the James B. Joiner Company can handle all of your needs.


Brokers specializing in:

  • Oats - milling and feed
  • Rail - bulk grain
  • Rye - milling  & distilling
  • Barley - feed & malting
  • By products - meals, pellets, DDGs and screenings



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